Hereford Harmony Single

Made to Order
Harmony Single Motion Riser Recliner

Nostalgic and sophisticated, with smooth, silent recline.

Featuring an elegant wooden knuckle arm and Horizon back. The Hereford riser recliner is our most wistful and evocative chair design to date.

Fitted with the Harmony Single Motion system, it transports you from recline through to rise almost silently. So you can enjoy some peace and quiet whether you lean back and relax or get up and go!

This model comes with an additional 2″ footplate extension. This works to improve blood flow, alleviate pressure and reduce fluid retention.

You can also enjoy two pre-set positions for an ideal TV viewing, or snoozing position. All at the touch of a button.


Hereford - Harmony Single - Standard

Overal width 787.4 mm (31")
Overall depth 939.8mm (37”)
Overall height 1143 mm (45")
Seat height 508 mm (20")
Seat depth 508 mm (20")
Seat width 546.1 mm (21.5”)
Weight capacity 158.7 kg

Key features

  • Simple two button handset
  • Built-in stops at seated position from the recline and the rise, saves any confusion.
  • An extra stop at suitable tv or snooze position.
  • lower back problems, no sheer factor on back, hips higher than feet
  • Whilst reclining it maintains a constant angle from back to seat, this aids in reducing spinal shearing and may improve any lower back problems you may have.
  • At full recline the footplate is approximately 6” higher than the hips, promoting better circulation and improving mobility.

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5 Year Mechanism Guarantee

With a 5-year guarantee on all of our mechanisms, you can rest assured that your riser recliner chair is built to last! 🔨 🛋️ ✨

The 5-Year Guarantee covers:

  • All mechanisms
  • Mechanism components
  • Actuators & cables fitted within the riser recliner chair or sofa.

Plus 1 year guarantee on all fixtures, fittings, electronics and fabrics.*Always contact your trusted Sitting Pretty dealer for all things 'Guarantee' related.

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Do you desire additional comfort, extra elegance, or ultimate protection for your recline and lift chair? Our accessories are formed in the same luxury Stafford fabrics as all our Hudson range of riser recliners. Increase your comfort and positioning with our Head Roll Cushion. You can safeguard the chair fabric with Arm Covers and Antimacassars. Or add a touch of refinement with our fabulous Scatter Cushion range. There is something here for every chair. This means that you can improve your rise and recline experience by purchasing one or all of these accessories.

Head Roll Cushions

Do you require additional comfort and support for your recline and lift chair? A weighted head cushion can be self-situated for secondary support, resulting in less strain or tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

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Arm Covers

An arm cover can be placed over the riser recliner armchair for additional protection on an area that could be subjected to fabric crushing over time. These covers not only protect the chair, helping the fabric to stay in tact for longer, but also add an additional layer of light comfort.

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Our antimacassars are lovingly handcrafted in our factory alongside your riser recliner. They provide additional protection for an area that can experience fabric crushing and friction as well as transfers of product from your hair and head.

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