The Very British Beginning of Sitting Pretty

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Like many great British adventures, this story began in the imaginations and then living room of two young brothers: Sam & Jim Henderson alongside their friend Jeff Cooper.

Where it all began…

It was mid 2000. Sam & Jim Henderson alongside their friend Jeff Cooper, though still donning the 90’s fashion trends, were looking towards a bright future in furniture making for the new millennium. Pieces of foam and wood were strewn around their front room in Nottingham.

Having both started out as labourers in upholstery factories, both Sam & Jim learned the craft and grew their passion for quality craftsmanship. This led them towards development and design after 10 years of experience.

Jeff’s experience went a little further having worked separately at Englander, then eventually a self employed contract upholster. The three joined forces and ventured on the journey that is Sitting pretty.

Creativity ensued as the brothers and Jeff put their skills of crafting furniture to the test and began creating chairs and sofas from scratch using locally sourced materials. As word spread, this family-run hustle flourished and the brothers soon found themselves expanding into a small industrial unit at Underwood, Nottingham in 2002. The brand ‘Sitting Pretty’ was established, and the brothers were able to build their company into a well-known brand for quality and trust within the sofa and chair industry.

“I feel an immense sense of pride in the achievement of starting Sitting Pretty with no financial support. Ultimately, we turned an idea into a national and soon-to-be global brand of riser recliners. That’s something I’m hugely fulfilled by.”

How it developed…

By 2007, Jim & Sam were well acquainted in the furniture industry and decided to take an ingenious risk and begin investing in the development of motion furniture. This was the catalyst for their big break into the trade and becoming the nationally known brand that is Sitting Pretty. Offering a tailor-made service across its popular riser recliner chair designs and specialising in ‘Tilt in Space’ technology, Sitting Pretty also began manufacturing electronic adjustable beds and recliner sofas. Boasting the most comfortable and innovative riser recliner furniture on the market, as well as products hand-built entirely in the United Kingdom, Sam & Jim were on to a winner.

In 2016 Sitting Pretty began partnering with Pride Mobility, one of the largest manufacturers of mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs and lift chairs in the world. This partnership was a match made in heaven and allowed Sitting Pretty to streamline its products towards supporting those living with disabilities or limited mobility.

The partnership led to the development of the ‘Premier Rise’ technology in 2018. A British-made mechanism, exclusive to Sitting Pretty, that allowed customers to create infinite positions using the four separate motors that powered the backrest, legrest, headrest and lift motions.

Sadly in 2021 Jeff Cooper passed away and is sorely missed by everyone at Sitting Pretty.

Changing hands, but keeping the heart…

In the midst of the global pandemic, Sitting Pretty’s innovative furniture saw incredible growth and was officially acquired by Pride Mobility in 2021. Joining forces in the competitive riser recliner sector meant that Pride Mobility and Sitting Pretty could continue to develop the products further and continue to push the boundaries for innovation in the motion furniture market.

Tim Murphy, Vice President of European and Middle East Operation and Sales at Pride Mobility commented: “We have been working with Jim Henderson and Sam Henderson at Sitting Pretty since 2015 and have developed a great working relationship with them.

Stephen Wright, Operations Manager at Pride Mobility adds: “Pride acquiring Sitting Pretty will help take both companies to the next level. In due course we will be able to manufacture and hold more stock, and this will allow us to offer better delivery options and shorter lead times. These are exciting times for both Pride Mobility Ltd and Sitting Pretty Ltd with this unique partnership.”

Woman sat upright with feet elevated slightly on a ToffeeDorchester Premier Riser Recliner Chair

Where we are now…

Sitting Pretty with Pride Mobility at the helm has continued to grow and has been innovating a brand new technology, combining the best features of all predeceasing products, into one ultimate riser recliner technology that will change the market forever. Sign up to the newsletter to find out more about the Premier Plus when it lands.

Catching up with Jim Henderson, he said “I feel an immense sense of pride in the achievement of starting Sitting Pretty with no financial support. Ultimately, we turned an idea into a national and soon-to-be global brand of riser recliners. That’s something I’m hugely fulfilled by.”

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