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At Sitting Pretty, we take pride in our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to satisfying our customers. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to create our riser and recliner chairs that are in your homes? Well, today, we’re giving you an exclusive peek into our design and manufacturing process through an interview with our R&D Manager, Jim.

Starting the Journey

Jim’s journey to creating new riser and recliner chairs often begins with a simple yet powerful catalyst – our customers’ inspiration.It all starts with you, our valued customers. Jim might get a picture of a chair design from a customer who has expressed a desire for something similar.


From Sketch to Frame

Once the inspiration is in hand, Jim’s creativity springs into action. He starts by sketching a frame that closely resembles the chair design he was suggested. All our chair frames have a common base, but Jim adds unique elements to make each chair distinct.


The Art of Prototyping

In the next step, Jim takes the frame sketch and makes it into a tangible prototype, using solid cardboard. This prototype is built to exact measurements, and Jim may alter  it to ensure all pieces fit together seamlessly, this ensures for a  successful chair construction.

Mastering the Pattern

With the prototype designed and measurements finalised. The measurements are sent to our plotter machine. This cutting-edge machine is responsible for creating the master pattern, a critical element in our manufacturing process.

Crafting the Prototype

Then a few samples based on the master pattern are sent to be crafted. Our head seamstress works to create the fabric for the prototype. Meanwhile, the chair frame measurements are sent off to be manufactured featuring the new design elements to craft the new chair and then all compartments come together to create the first chair of the new range.  

Iterating with Precision

The prototype is not the final destination but rather a stepping stone. Adjustments are made based on the prototype, ensuring that every detail is perfected.

Approving the Design

Once the chair design is approved, and all adjustments are made, it’s time for the big rollout. The chair design is now finalised and ready for mass production.

External Frame Production

The master pattern is sent out to an external company also in the UK that specialises in building the chair frames. This collaboration ensures quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Lectra Cutting Machine

To cut out the chair patterns swiftly and with precision, we rely on the advanced Electra cutting machine. Remarkably, it can cut up to 70 patterns in an hour, streamlining the process.


Leather Fabric Special

If a chair is crafted with leather fabric, it adds an extra layer of craftsmanship. The leather is hand-cut. Stencils are used to draw the chair’s pattern onto the leather, and each piece is cut meticulously by hand or using a knife. 


Crafting the Covers

The cut patterns are then sent upstairs to be folded and stamped, followed by the capable hands of our seamstresses. They carefully sew together the chair covers, ensuring they meet our high standards. Next, the covers are sent to be stuffed padding for ultimate comfort.

Adding Mechanisms

The mechanisms responsible for the chair’s movement are a crucial component. We source them from a trusted UK based external company. Once acquired, they are attached to the chair frame by one of our team.


Assembling the Chair

The chair frames, now with mechanisms attached, are sent to the assembly line. Here, our skilled production line team attach the fabric to the chair frame and assemble the chair with precision.


Quality Control

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Before our chairs are ready to go to our customers, they go through a thorough quality control process. This ensures that every chair we send out meets our rigorous standards.

Final Touches and Packaging

Before the chairs are ready for delivery, they undergo a final touch-up. This includes cleaning to remove any loose threads or fabric. The cushions for the back of the chair are also carefully stuffed to ensure optimal comfort. Once the chairs pass these final checks, they are expertly packaged and placed onto pallets, ready to be collected for delivery to our valued customers.

At Sitting Pretty, we believe that every chair tells a story of inspiration, creativity, and craftsmanship. We hope this behind-the-scenes look at our design and manufacturing process provides you with a deeper appreciation of the chairs that adorn your spaces. We’re dedicated to creating not just chairs, but works of art that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Check out our latest craftsmanship in the form of  our newest chair line the Balmoral, bringing you the Balmoral premier plus and the balmoral single motor deluxe bring you the ultimate upgrade in riser and recliners.

A special thanks to our R&D Manager, Jim Henderson, for providing invaluable insights into the design and construction of Sitting Pretty’s Riser and Recliner chairs.

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