Helps regulate body temperature

  • 9” Refl ex Foam Topped with 1”of Gel Foam

  • 4 way stretch, pressure relieving effect with soft knit and elastane yarn

  • 2.2% Lycra (Elastic) 97.8% polyester

  • Soft finish fi re resistant treated

  • Weight: 470 gsm

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Adjustable Beds


Do you suffer with poor circulation? Our Viva Sleep beds will allow you to elevate your feet above your waist. This can help to improve blood flow and circulation.

Perhaps you struggle to find a comfortable position whilst in bed? Our Premier Mechanism feature additional lumbar and head motors which allows you to move each area of your body independently.

So you will have full control over your own comfort and positioning whether that’s to sleep, rest, read or watch TV.

But it doesn’t stop there, with built in speakers and motion light sensors the Viva sleep bed range has been built to offer you ultimate comfort all at the touch of a button.