Scatter Cushions

Made to Order

Give your riser recliner a touch of added elegance.

Our handmade cushions can be made-to-order in any of the Stafford range of fabrics. They’re available in a variation of different patterns. So, you can style your recline and lift chair your way! Extra comfort, extra style! What more could you want?


Camberley 4 - Deluxe Standard

Overal Size 406.4 x 406.4 mm (16x16")

Key features

  • Handmade in the United Kingdom
  • Crafted out of our luxury Stafford range of fabrics
  • Available in multiple pattern options

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Do you desire additional comfort, extra elegance, or ultimate protection for your recline and lift chair? Our accessories are formed in the same luxury Stafford fabrics as all our Hudson range of riser recliners. Increase your comfort and positioning with our Head Roll Cushion. You can safeguard the chair fabric with Arm Covers and Antimacassars. Or add a touch of refinement with our fabulous Scatter Cushion range. There is something here for every chair. This means that you can improve your rise and recline experience by purchasing one or all of these accessories.


Ottoman, pouf,  pouffe, puff, hassock or footstall. Whatever you call it, we’ve got the right one for you!

Choose from either our Queen Anne or Fixed style of Pouffes. Ideal for additional support and comfort for your feet and legs.

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Head Roll Cushions

Do you require additional comfort and support for your recline and lift chair? A weighted head cushion can be self-situated for secondary support, resulting in less strain or tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

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Arm Covers

An arm cover can be placed over the riser recliner armchair for additional protection on an area that could be subjected to fabric crushing over time. These covers not only protect the chair, helping the fabric to stay in tact for longer, but also add an additional layer of light comfort.

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