The Charleston is the epitome of elegance and comfort. A  fully upholstered, hardwearing fabric headboard with generous padding that combines lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.

This luxurious design not only adds sophistication to your bedroom but also provides exceptional comfort and support.  With its timeless style and robust construction, The Charleston is the perfect choice to elevate your bedroom to a new level of sophistication, promising both beauty and functionality in one.

Upholstered in luxurious Ross Fabrics Notting Hill collection, press the ‘see more colours’ to see your options!

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Available Bed Widths

Single Bed Widths 2ft 3 | 2ft 6 | 3ft | 4ft | 4ft 6
Double Bed Widths 5ft | 6ft
Headboard Height 41" / 104.14 cm

Key features

  • Upholstered in quality fabric
  • Remarkable level of comfort
  • Adding a touch of elegance

Size comparison table

Product type
Specifications / Sizes
Bed Size Headboard




Bed Width Bed Length
2ft 3 41 26 29 81
2ft 6 41 26 32 81
3ft 41 26 38 81
4ft 41 26 50 81
4ft 6 41 26 56 81
5ft 41 26 62 81
6ft 41 26 74 81

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Under bed storage

You can have under-bed storage added to your bed with our bespoke built-in drawers. Just speak with your local dealer about this when you put in an order and select from one up to four under bed storage drawers.